Thursday, May 14, 2009

I stare from down under

I stare from down under the skies I need to feel

the darkness inside me wants to get real

I run I run I run to the sky,

bruises of death touch, touch me inside

drink my blood but u cannot decide

do you laugh or cry when none beside

I breathe the distance, the distance to reach

I run all along

I stare from down under Bruises that wouldn't heel

I stare bleeding the dark embracing me

I make bleed till I can no more feel

the dark seems more real than the distant light

I stand dark and I stand alone

alone is all I aught to be for the laugh

laughed behind me too and let go

I run all along

I stare from down under love made me bleed

fear made me weak now fear stands real

stands and runs through me at once

with a 1000 rips from the inside, I don't kneel

the last drop holds me up for I am me no more

for what I was I have no more

define me define me I cry to the empty

but no one to hear me or hold me inside

I run all along

I search from down under why you had to leave

n make me the pieces I need a life to retrieve

I don't know now who is me for all is empty inside

I search the dark for myself to seek

in search of blood eyes lost when I did bleed

I stand dark and the dark stands beside

I still gather the scattered and drink back the spill

but what of the pieces which will never reconcile

I told u I wont but u made me let go

and made your love hold me and strengthen my soul

but when I smiled and stood tall you let go

I fell to the bruises the darkness I still embrace

I run all along

you stood where none did I still sometimes remember

now it dwells the dark for none is worthy more

I let you make or break for you held my key

now I know not if it still stands

for I keep the keys now locked where u dwelled once

now it dwells the dark standing naked

It need not open not exist not show but haunt

huant my heart that now knows a thousand bruises

It stands naked but some heal for you once smiled here

you smiled you kissed and held strenthened my tears

death justifies but not another to dwell

I bleed from down under the empty comes to kill

It haunts my nights the darkness I treasure

wish some lies could please you soul

that without you my life sees pleasure

but lies couldn't make me whole

You desire me to learn that

happiness means more than you touch

You desire me to be complete when I bleed

you stared away long before I was asleep

the dark be darker to fade my soul

for I shall not kneel for my love will not seize

I turn and stand all along

Smiles will touch me again laughter will hear my soul

for when blood wet my skin I smiled

smile away my tears

for the dark fails to darken me anymore

failed to destroy for I did not kneel

I stand inside out have none concealed

for I set you free

your heart no more dwells in me

I loved so close but was so distant

for could not see your tear touch

could not feel smiles fade you

you were but of a different air

Go dwell where you aspire breathe

for my remains are of your empty stare

I know now you better respire

smiles dwell around you and you dwell around

I shall be oblivious yet aware

Stand at a distance yet smile at your stare

for you were once nostalgic love

I walk away for there is much more to be found

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I stand staring

darkness stands not as the condition
stands just a question
do you see the light it shadows
can you stand not lost
but laugh out for the path mirrors
its dark now but for light to be
its hard now for smiles to see
lost is now not forever will be

I stand staring ordinary
as the other billion stares
i stand disappear as steps receed
but i stare not as the billion stares
i eye not who stands beside
but see the distance the light reads
the unaccesible to reach
the darkness inside i question
for the courage i seek to feel
i bruise to stare the billion
from where their sight conceals

Confusion personifed

I devised and despised,
and tried to dismantle
what holds inside
but confusions diversions
were all I could find
guarded with mazes
front and behind
of words and emotions
where secrets confide
Were puzzles with pieces
that would never collide
more I would question
the science behind
more I entangled
in my own despise
words were what me spoke
but the language defied
hence girl the species i fail to define

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Geri's Game - Pixar Short Film another story

One of my Favourate short films by Pixar ! A must see

Friday, January 16, 2009

Aakhri pyala - raat bhar ghotala !

Sampat Shetty (Operations Head CGTantra) curses his stars for one fine day he would witness the real meaning of the word High. It took me 2 bottles of Kingfisher strong drank at super pace to define to him with a broader context what the word 'High' signifies.
From raising my voice up the hierarchy to explaining the fundas of life. It was quite justified that, that day was the last day we would sip alcohol at his place. We wouldn't want the neighbors t invite themselves for out party now, would we ?

CGTantra 3d Anniversary Act It out

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I just saw a news report on a website from News 1. It gives an insight of what the Pakistani politics conceives of the innocent lives lost in the Terror attacks in Mumbai. The person putting forth his view was Zayed Hamid, a defense analyst from Pakistan. The most intriguing part was his reference to the terrorists as Indian Assets, who were diploid on the basis of a strategy by the Indian political parties. India according to them is letting innocent lives be lost so that it can have strong reasons to blame Pakistan for nurturing terrorists, a planned attempt. My Blood boils on his words, I do not expect the politicians to be sane when commenting on this issue however I see no ethics as to why they should force their views on the citizens of Pakistan. The citizens already oblivious about the insides, when talk the tongue of the politicians, it should not be surprising, I see no justice in inflicting infected views on the public hence instigating them to hate a country as a whole.

The blame game takes itself to a different level when you conclude that the so called Indian assets are being used as weapons against Pakistan and a good possibility of RAW being a part of this devastation. I carry no political experience hence cannot comment on the steps to be taken but why do the people suffer. Where are we today when the loss of innocent lives is being used as bridges to point fingers? The Indian militants are being held responsible for the terror attacks when the evidence and the terrorists in custody speak a different language. It is so believed that Indian terrorism is bigger than what Mumbai saw. It is America that supports India in its stance and hence CNN telecasted the horrifying incidents throughout the day, concluding the smart move of Indian Media, How immature and unethical is to think that.

Terrorism exists to prove a point; the other politically motivated incidents stand to prove another point. The BJP wants to seize this opportunity and blame the Congress for their incompetence rather than being constructive. In this entire scenario why do we loose our lives, why do I leave my house with a fear of not returning? When all the avenues of peace have been exhausted one can resort to aggression, would you not agree? It is ridiculous how the Pakistani channels are telecasting these views and letting the politicians talk their tongue. I have had the chance to speak to various Pakistani citizens who are so happy to know that you belong to India; you talk as 2 people regardless of anything. I have spoken to people who are glad when told you are from India since it feels closer than another country, having very good conversations and showing the same dignity we show to them. Why can that not be, why do these views drain down to the citizens and they be forced to think otherwise.

We are human beings, and respect every other. We know what wrong one does can’t be blamed on the other. Let us smile at each other and smile because of the person that you’re smiling at and not what nationality he or she belongs to.